How do I fight to headaches?


Doctors say that headaches are one of the most common complaints of their patients. In the United States, 45 million people suffer from chronic headaches. When it appears then it is easiest to take the tablet and the pain will pass, but this is not a good long-term solution. The best way to fight headaches is diet. Fruits in this can be very good, find out what kind of fruit can help you prevent or cure your headache.


- an excellent food you can eat when you are suffering from a headache. It is rich in magnesium that relieves blood vessels and relieves pain. Also, they are rich in potassium, which is an important part of the electrolyte.


- A handful of almonds is enough to reduce the headache. This healthy snack is rich in amino acids that help release serotonin. In addition, they are full of magnesium that relieves muscles and blood vessels. Magnesium is needed when headaches are caused by psychological stress.


- a tasty way to quickly hydrate and consume healthy sugars is watermelon. It has a high water content, it can be incorporated into the drinks. Dehydration can cause a headache so it's important to always drink enough. If you do not have a drink experience, many glasses of water during the day, then fruit like a watermelon is an excellent alternative.
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A cured patient is infected with HIV


erman scientists managed to completely cure a person infected with HIV! The patient who suffered from leukemia was first destroyed by the radiation by the defense system, and then transplanted with stem cells that became blood.

Thanks to the transplantation of stem cells that contained hereditary genetic mutation that made them naturally resistant to HIV. However, AIDS researchers argue that this discovery will have very little application in practice because the patient's immunity must be completely destroyed to receive stem cells. And it is very difficult to find such a donor, since genetic mutation is very rare.

Scientists from the Medical Faculty in Berlin treated HIV-infected patients, who also suffered from acute myeloid leukemia, cancer of the immune system. They completely destroyed his immunity with high doses of chemotherapy and radiation, after which he was transplanted by stem cells.

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Yogurt strengthens immunity


Yogurts containing live bacteria are very healthy, and this is why probiotics protect the body from harmful bacteria, taking them all the resources needed to succeed.

Yoghurt is a milk with bacterial culture additives. In order to get energy, bacteria eat sugar from the milk, and it is lucidly lactic acid, which then clogs milk.
Yogurts containing live bacteria are very healthy, and this is why probiotics protect the body from harmful bacteria, taking them all the resources necessary for success.

Yoghurt has been used as a cure for many uses since ancient times, but in the last 10-15 years, scientists have discovered how useful yogurt is.
Yogurt can destroy the fungus Candidu albicans, which lives in the vagina and if it multiplies it can cause itching and burning.

In women who have problems with frequent urinary tract infections, yogurt can be of great help. Finnish scientists have found that women who eat three dairy meals per day (yogurt or cheese) are less likely to suffer from urinary infections than women who do not eat often dairy products.

Only two glasses of yogurt per day can greatly increase the level of gamma interferon, which helps the immune system of a human in the fight against microbes.
When buying yogurt, it is best to choose one that says "bio", "active" or "live" to ensure that yogurt contains more living organisms that consume human health and choose yoghurts to which it does not expire soon.

For people who do not like yogurt it is recommended to take probiotic drinks.

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Plants that help restore the liver


The ability of liver regeneration is not yet fully clarified, but is of great importance to our health. Since today 's chemical compounds of non - natural origin are the normal part of our diet (preservatives, flavors, colors), medicines we use, cosmetic preparations, cleansing agents, clothing and how all these chemicals pass through our body or through our liver help from nature has come to fruition.
In most cases, the liver manages to do the task of cleaning blood toxins, but in some cases the burden is too large and the liver needs help.
It is known that there are plants that protect and regenerate the liver. These are:

Silybum marianum

This plant has so far given the best results in preventing and treating liver damage. The main ingredient of glider is silimarine, a flavonoid that is being investigated as an aid in all forms of liver disease. Silimarin is a strong antioxidant and increases glutathione levels.
In the liver glutathione is responsible for cleansing the liver from a wide spectrum of toxins, the body can be used for silimarine and should therefore be taken with interruptions (two weeks of taking, two weeks interruption)


It is very useful when it comes to the health of the liver and other organs associated with it. It acts as a tonic in the liver and helps in its functioning this plant grows everywhere.
Make a list of butterflies, wash it and add it to the salad.


Scientific research has confirmed that the snowman neutralizes toxins in the liver. It also increases the production of interferon commonly used to treat hepatitis B.
The compound found in the rabies in some countries has become a standard part of hepatitis therapy.
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