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Kidney stones - causes of formation


Contrary to previous advice, patients with kidney stones should ingest more calcium in dairy products and drink more water than they had until then.

Women who enter more than the maximum recommended salt intake of six grams have a 61 percent higher risk of stone formation, according to a study by the University of Washington on 78,000 women.

Since most of the stones consist of calcium, it was once thought that reducing milk and dairy products in the diet is a way to prevent new stones, but who makes too little calcium has a 20 percent higher risk of stones, Fox News reports.

After discovering that they have kidney stones, people think they need to reduce the intake of calcium, but this will actually worsen the condition - concludes the study director, dr. Mathew Sorensen.

Reducing salt in the diet will also contribute to lowering calcium levels in the urine, and the body's balance is the key element of all elements, scientists explain. Liquid helps in decomposing these elements, so doctors advise all patients with kidney stones to take more water, because the lack of fluid has led to the creation of this painful health problem.
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Foods that you should not put into the refrigerator


Some foods should not be kept in the refrigerator but at room temperature. Potatoes, garlic and tomatoes are just some of them.

These foods will be better kept if you do not hold them in the refrigerator:

Angry sauces

Believe it or not, angry sauces can happily live in your pantry for up to three years.


Colder temperatures adversely affect the taste of potatoes, hold it in a liquid in paper bags. Plastic bags are not good because they retain moisture, which affects the rapid decay of potatoes. Most varieties of potatoes should last up to three weeks.


Bread will quickly drain in the fridge. What you plan to eat is to keep it at room temperature for four days, and freeze the rest.


He loves being stored in the original grid bag in which he was bought or anything else that allows air circulation at room temperature. But keep it away from the potato that releases moisture and gases that can adversely affect the onion and cause it to rupture.


It will stay in good condition for up to two months if you keep it in the refrigerator at room temperature. Keep it in something that allows air flow.


They can get a pale color in the refrigerator, keep them at room temperature and never in plastic bags. To speed up dispersion, if necessary, store them in a paper bag. When mature they can last about three days.


The cooler creates condensation, which can affect the taste of ground coffee and grain coffee. It is best to store coffee in an airtight container in a pantry.

Winter zucchini

Various winter zucchini varieties will last about a month or more if stored in a pantry.
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Heartburn-Natural Remedies


Heartburn is a feeling of burning or burning that spreads from the stomach or lower part of the chest to the neck. It is often provoked by consuming a particular type of food, bending, tingling or laying. Heartburn is the dominant symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease. It is very often associated with the return of gastric contents to the gut.
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Broccoli protects against prostate cancer


Researchers from the British Institute of Food Research have announced that several broccoli servings weekly reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Their research showed that the chemical compound present in the broccoli affects the activation of the genes necessary for the fight against cancer and at the same time excludes genes whose activity favors tumor development, published by the scientific journal PLoS One.

This is the first study in which people are tracked by biological mechanisms associated with the consumption of broccoli.

Researchers add that this kind of effect is likely to have other similar types of vegetables that contain a key compound of isothiocyanate, for example, cabbage and cauliflower.

The broccoli also contains a sulphoraphane compound that has already proven to be a powerful weapon in the fight against cancer, scientists warn.

The results also showed that the broccoli was more effective in subjects with a gene called GSTM1, otherwise present in the half of the population.

Researchers believe that broccoli has this effect on other forms of cancer.
It is estimated that prostate cancer is the second most deadly form of cancer in men, immediately from lung cancer.

Every year, there are 680000 cases of prostate cancer diagnosed in the world, and 220000 men die annually from this disease.
The broccoli should be included in at least one daily meal.

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Healthy Eating on a Budget


For most of us, the food bill is the largest bill we've got before we introduce healthy into the equation. Most of us spend over half of the money we earn monthly on food alone so there is no surprise it is such a sensitive subject. It does not have to be, though, there is a way to keep the food bill low and still eat healthy and well. Just be practical about it.
You can eat healthy, eat well and eat on a budget at the same time if you shop smart and cook everything yourself. Healthy eating is not a rocket science - you already know what's good and what's bad for you, it's just that junk and takeouts are often more convenient when it comes to a quick budget meal. If you make healthy eating convenient and affordable at the same time, you'll have no problem switching to better food.

Understanding ,Healthy

The idea of ​​what is healthy is distorted these days. Most of the stuff available is modified and has been altered in some way. I doubt that you can get hold of something really clean unless you grow it or raise it yourself. You see all the pretty pictures online of the healthy meals and you can instantly count twenty ingredients involved in making the dish. Some of them you'll fail to identify or pronounce so you are instantly discouraged because there is no way you can find all of the ingredients, afford to buy them and then spend two hours making the meal. Why? Ordinary every day home cooked meals are still the best thing there is especially if you use very little oil and serve smaller portions.

Healthy does not mean rare or complicated, that's where "expensive" comes from. Healthy is what your body, not just your taste buds, will appreciate and then use to build a healthier and stronger you. It simply means: nutritious food.

There is not much your body can get from processed meat and bread, sweets, pizza and beer. You can survive eating junk but you will become malnutritioned and as a result your health will eventually decline and your quality of life along with it. You have a choice.

A little bit healthier

Most of us just want to eat a little bit healthier, we do not want to go all the way organic or vegan - some of us do not have the luxury to buy superfoods ... or any vegetables for that matter. We want something quick, tasty, cheap but also healthy. Notice, the "healthy" bit is always mentioned last but it does not have to be this way.

The expensive begins with variety, the more complex your shopping list is, the more likely you are to have a longer receipt at checkout. Having the same menu and / or buying the same stuff can fix that.

If you have several default meals during the week, you can always make something more imaginative on the weekend if you get bored. The trick is to make healthy living, even when it's based on the same kind of food, the norm. If you eat healthy and well six days out of seven you are doing great. And you'll notice the difference not just in the way you look but also in the way you feel.

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three widely available spices that help control blood sugar levels


Hot pepper

According to the research published in the journal The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, after the respondents had eaten a meal containing hot peppers, the blood glucose level was reduced for about 20 minutes to two hours after meals.
In addition, a marked decrease in insulin levels in the blood has been noted, especially those who had eaten homemade paprika for 30 days prior to this test. These findings have led researchers to conclude that angry pangs improve insulin sensitivity, which in turn leads to lowering blood sugar levels.
Paprika can be eaten fresh, which is probably the best because they are rich in vitamin C. And aleva (dried and ground) paprika also contains all the active ingredients as fresh as possible. Some studies later suggested that it is just the paprika that causes angina - capsaicin - that ingredient that leads to a reduction in blood sugar levels.


Research published in Journal of Natural Medicine has shown that glucosides containing oregano can help lower blood sugar levels. This study only confirmed the results of a previous study that found that "experimental rats had a" significant reduction "of blood glucose levels after a longer time in the food supplemented with the oregano extract.
Oregano is a common spice for pizza, which gives it a distinctive smell. Dried oregano spice can be obtained almost in all stores. More recently, essential oils of oregano have appeared which can be found in pharmacies and healthy food stores.


Recent study of curcuma activity at Harbin Medical School in China included patients with type II diabetes. Patients took 300 milligrams of curcuma per day for three months. In all, significant reductions in blood glucose levels and decreased insulin resistance were observed. Also decreased the hemoglobin A1 C (diabetic marker) compared to the control group of the placebo-treated patient.
These results attribute the researchers to the active substance from this spice, called curcumin. Curcumin is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. This is exactly the substance that curcumin gives its characteristic orange-yellow color. In addition, curcumin still has many beneficial effects on health.
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