Plants that help restore the liver

The ability of liver regeneration is not yet fully clarified, but is of great importance to our health. Since today 's chemical compounds of non - natural origin are the normal part of our diet (preservatives, flavors, colors), medicines we use, cosmetic preparations, cleansing agents, clothing and how all these chemicals pass through our body or through our liver help from nature has come to fruition.
In most cases, the liver manages to do the task of cleaning blood toxins, but in some cases the burden is too large and the liver needs help.
It is known that there are plants that protect and regenerate the liver. These are:

Silybum marianum

This plant has so far given the best results in preventing and treating liver damage. The main ingredient of glider is silimarine, a flavonoid that is being investigated as an aid in all forms of liver disease. Silimarin is a strong antioxidant and increases glutathione levels.
In the liver glutathione is responsible for cleansing the liver from a wide spectrum of toxins, the body can be used for silimarine and should therefore be taken with interruptions (two weeks of taking, two weeks interruption)


It is very useful when it comes to the health of the liver and other organs associated with it. It acts as a tonic in the liver and helps in its functioning this plant grows everywhere.
Make a list of butterflies, wash it and add it to the salad.


Scientific research has confirmed that the snowman neutralizes toxins in the liver. It also increases the production of interferon commonly used to treat hepatitis B.
The compound found in the rabies in some countries has become a standard part of hepatitis therapy.
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