Foods that you should not put into the refrigerator

Some foods should not be kept in the refrigerator but at room temperature. Potatoes, garlic and tomatoes are just some of them.

These foods will be better kept if you do not hold them in the refrigerator:

Angry sauces

Believe it or not, angry sauces can happily live in your pantry for up to three years.


Colder temperatures adversely affect the taste of potatoes, hold it in a liquid in paper bags. Plastic bags are not good because they retain moisture, which affects the rapid decay of potatoes. Most varieties of potatoes should last up to three weeks.


Bread will quickly drain in the fridge. What you plan to eat is to keep it at room temperature for four days, and freeze the rest.


He loves being stored in the original grid bag in which he was bought or anything else that allows air circulation at room temperature. But keep it away from the potato that releases moisture and gases that can adversely affect the onion and cause it to rupture.


It will stay in good condition for up to two months if you keep it in the refrigerator at room temperature. Keep it in something that allows air flow.


They can get a pale color in the refrigerator, keep them at room temperature and never in plastic bags. To speed up dispersion, if necessary, store them in a paper bag. When mature they can last about three days.


The cooler creates condensation, which can affect the taste of ground coffee and grain coffee. It is best to store coffee in an airtight container in a pantry.

Winter zucchini

Various winter zucchini varieties will last about a month or more if stored in a pantry.
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