Kidney stones - causes of formation


Contrary to previous advice, patients with kidney stones should ingest more calcium in dairy products and drink more water than they had until then.

Women who enter more than the maximum recommended salt intake of six grams have a 61 percent higher risk of stone formation, according to a study by the University of Washington on 78,000 women.

Since most of the stones consist of calcium, it was once thought that reducing milk and dairy products in the diet is a way to prevent new stones, but who makes too little calcium has a 20 percent higher risk of stones, Fox News reports.

After discovering that they have kidney stones, people think they need to reduce the intake of calcium, but this will actually worsen the condition - concludes the study director, dr. Mathew Sorensen.

Reducing salt in the diet will also contribute to lowering calcium levels in the urine, and the body's balance is the key element of all elements, scientists explain. Liquid helps in decomposing these elements, so doctors advise all patients with kidney stones to take more water, because the lack of fluid has led to the creation of this painful health problem.
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